Partnering with Whānau

Up to a 12-week programme. (Free Service)

Partnering with Whānau provides tailored support for both Full Licenced family members (Mum/Dad/Aunty/Grandma, etc.) and learner drivers. Our professional instructors and coordinators are here to guide you through our specialised programme framework. Learning to drive can be a demanding experience, and that’s why we believe the engagement and backing of Whānau members are crucial. At The Salvation Army Driver Programmes, we’ve developed this programme with a focus on encouraging Whānau participation and creating a supportive environment for everyone involved.


  • Access to a Full Licenced Driver (minimum 2 years)
  • Minimum 20 hours driving experience in the last 12 months on New Zealand roads.
  • Attend an interview with Whanau member.
  • Must be committed to complete twice-weekly drives for up to 12 weeks.  
  • New Zealand resident or citizen (For all former refugees, please go to Timatanga Hou programme)

If you don’t have access to a WOF & Rego car, you can apply to utilise Driver Programmes vehicles, subject to availability and suitability.

Our commitment to you:

  • Comprehensive Support: Engage in a holistic service led by our skilled driving instructors and coordinators, ensuring both learners and supervisors receive thorough assistance.
  • Personalised Plan: Benefit from an individualised plan tailored within a structured programme framework, designed to foster the success of both the learner and supervisor. Our aim is to build skills, promote safe driving, and prepare you to pass the test.
  • Professional Lessons: Enjoy up to 6 professional lessons for both the learner driver and their fully licensed supervisor throughout the length of the programme, enhancing skills and boosting confidence.
  • Guidance Materials: Access materials to help you stay on track, including driver training resources, and a mentor journal to help keep you on track.

Driving Test Fee is not included: While the driving test fee is not included, we understand you may be experiencing financial challenges. Please feel free to discuss any financial concerns with our coordinator for personalised assistance.

“I hope to inspire my whanau to go get their driver’s licence, this programme made it possible to finally get my big girl licence. I struggled because I did not have a car or someone to practice with, but you helped me with this. Thank you so much”

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