Timatanga Hou – Learners to Restricted Licence

Up to 24 week programme – (Free Service)

*Only Available in Christchurch & Ashburton

Welcome to the Timatanga Hou Former Refugee Driver Training Programme!                                       

Our goal is to help former refugees in Christchurch and Ashburton become confident drivers and improve their lives with a driver’s licence.

Our experienced driving instructors and volunteer driver mentors offer practical driver training to help you become a safe driver and pass your Restricted Licence test.


  • You need at least 30 hours of driving experience in the last year 6 months in New Zealand.
  • Attend an interview, induction, and initial assessment drive to ensure the programme is right for you.
  • Commit to twice-weekly drives for up to 24 weeks.
  • Have a current New Zealand Learners Licence (held for at least 4 months), or Restricted Licence, or Restricted Licence with supervisory conditions.
  • Conversation English preferred. However, if English proficiency is low, a translator can be present to support during driving instruction. Please note, the cost for the translator must be covered by the learner.
  • This programme is only for former refugees with official documentation from Immigration New Zealand.

Our Promise:

  • Our team of Coordinators and Professional Instructors will guide you through the programme.
  • Skilled volunteer mentors will help you practice driving twice a week and give feedback.
  • You’ll practice in safe cars with dual controls.
  • Our mentors receive ongoing training from qualified driving instructors.

Driving Test Fee:

  • The fee for the driving test is not covered, but we can help if you have financial concerns.

Join us to become a safe and confident driver!

“Thank you so much for help and endless support in getting my licence. With your guidance and patience, you taught me the skills to become a safe driver. Thank you for giving me the confidence to drive and for helping me to overcome my nervousness. My husband was scared for our car and that is why I was so happy when I could use yours. I am very very grateful for the programme. Now I don’t have to walk in the rain with my baby daughter anymore or wait till late for my husband to pick me up from work. It was so stressful, but not anymore. Thank you.”  

Tithma – Graduate Timatanga Hou for former refugees
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